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*Furanflex can be installed without compromising the structure of the building

*One Day installation - clean and quick

*Furanflex liners improve the efficiency of the heating system

*Up to 80m in length with no joints

*Will follow the exact path of the chimney, even with bends up to 45 degrees

*Furanflex moulds to the exact shape of the chimney, making it variable in diameter and perfectly gas tight.



Furanflex Lining Technology is perfect for Heritage and Historical buildings as a cost effective and long term lining system that can be fitted without damage to the existing building structure, that will improve fuel efficiency and eliminate the risk of a chimney fire.


Industrial and Commercial

FuranFlex liners are the go to choice for hospitals, schools, hotels, public houses and anywhere that requires a liner to have a long lifespan (in excess of 100 years). resist corrosion, increase safety and efficiency, and create a long term solution to lining of boiler flues, condensing boilers, extraction ducts, gas and oil systems and all solid fuel heating systems. 

FuranFlex Certificate

FuranFlex25 - the Revolution in Chimney Lining 

FuranFlex25 is an advanced lining solution for the restoration of all heating flues and extraction duct systems, no matter which heating application is being used.  However, since this system is only as good as the specification, technical knowledge, skill and installation of the liner, it requires a dedicated attention to detail that few companies can provide.

Old Mill Chimneys, the leading specialists in Chimney design, repair and installations in Scotland, introduce FuranFlex25 – the revolutionary new chimney restoration solution that tackles all chimney lining problems without fuss.

Suitable for all fuel applications, FuranFlex allows the capacity to install a superior liner system usually without forming holes in the chimney walls, a major solution for properties requiring non-intrusive works, especially Listed Buildings